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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

  1. Reservations can only accept reservations from people aged 18 or older. The main guest should be aged 18 or older, and should be present during the stay. reserves the right to refuse a reservation at any time without having to furnish reasons. Reservations will be confirmed and invoiced in digital format immediately after confirmation The confirmation or invoice must be checked for accuracy immediately upon receipt. Any errors must be communicated in writing within 7 days of the date of confirmation or invoice and before the commencement of the stay. If a confirmation or invoice has not been received within 7 days of the reservation being made, the office where the reservation was made must be contacted as soon as possible.

  1. Rates

Rates shown on are not binding. maintains the right to change prices and/or to include a surcharge as a result of factors such as a change in the cost of energy consumption, but not limited to such. Current prices will be disclosed upon reservation. The price given on the confirmation and invoice is binding. No discounts and/or special promotions can be included after has sent out a confirmation or invoice. All rates are excluding local tourist tax which is apply-able for persons above 13 years of age.

  1. Payments

All reservations must be paid immediately and in full.

4.  Amendment costs

Should any changes be made to a reservation after confirmation is not required to adhere to such requests and is free to select if, and to what extent, such requests are accommodated. Any changes made up to a maximum of 4 weeks before arrival for confirmed bookings will result in an additional charge of US$ 95. These costs will not be charged if an additional reservation is made or if a change is requested to a more expensive rental period for the room(s). In principle, changes cannot be permitted within 4 weeks prior to arrival. With changes to a cheaper room rental period, or with total or partial cancellation within a period of 4 weeks prior to commencement of the stay, the entire rental amount is due. If a reservation is made for more than one room and a reduction in the number of rooms is requested, the cancellation conditions described under point 5 apply.

  1. Cancellation

It is recommended that cancellation insurance be taken out with a reservation. Without cancellation insurance, or with cancellation insurance and no valid reason for cancellation, the following conditions apply:
a) 25% up to 4 months before the date of arriva

b) 50% cancellation fee up to 2 months before the date of arrival

c) no show 100% will be charged

6.  Arrival and departure

You may check in to your room upon showing your ID on the arrival day from 15hr. The room must be vacated before 12hr on the day of departure for cleaning.

7.  Household rules

In order to make a stay at as pleasant as possible for all guests, it is required that guests adhere to the rules of conduct as stated in the household rules, which may be requested from reception upon arrival. Should you so request, the Household Rules can be sent in advance, free of charge. Transgressions of the household rules could result in summary removal from, without necessitating a partial or complete refund of the reservation amount. maintains the right to change the setup and opening hours of facilities or central facilities at In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to temporarily close or rent it out entirely to a third party. In cases such as these, we will offer you the opportunity to change your booking to another accommodation or to cancel your booking free of charge. This does not, however, entitle you to a refund of any other expenses incurred. We would also like to point out that maintenance activities may be performed at during your stay, without constituting the right to a refund.

 8.  Swimming

Children under 12 years of age may only enter the swimming pool under the supervision of an adult. Parents and/or guardians must ensure that children who cannot swim are wearing water wings and/or life jackets in the swimming pool. In addition, an adult should always remain in close proximity to the child.

 9.  Force majeure

If the execution of the agreement is completely or partially hindered through circumstances beyond control, this will be considered a force majeur. This includes the threat of war, strikes by personnel, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions or events

10. Liability

a) does not accept any responsibility for the following:
theft, loss or damage incurred of any nature whatsoever during or as a result of staying at the
failure or suspension of any of our technical equipment and the failure or suspension of facilities at
b) Guests and their accompanying guests are jointly and severally liable for any losses and/or damage suffered by and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay, irrespective of whether such is caused through action or neglect by the person in question or a third party on the premises as a result of their actions, as well as any damage caused by any animal and/or matter under their supervision.
c) In the event of incorrect usage of a room, or when leaving such behind in an improper fashion, the costs of additional expenses, including cleaning costs, will be payable by the renter.

11. Complaints

Despite all precautions taken by, it is still possible that there may be complaints. Such complaints should be taken up on location and directly with the management, in order to inform them of the situation and to find an immediate solution. If the complaint cannot be solved in a satisfactory manner, you will still have 1 month, and no more, after departing from the hotel, to submit the complaint to

12.  Photos and videos recording

If a guest or their companion, or someone invited to the premise by a guest or a day visitor, is accidentally photographed or videoed in connection with a publication, or for use on the website, that person’s permission will be sought to use the photo/video in the publication/website, whether the person is identifiable or not. No rights may be derived from the images.

  13.  General

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all reservations that have been made with, directly or indirectly. reserves the right to make changes with regard to the contents of (digital) publications. The digital version of General Terms and Conditions (available from is decisive. If the digital version of the General Terms and Conditions differs from the printed version, the digital version will take precedence. is not bound by obvious (digital) misprints. The previous (digital) publications are superseded by the current version.
August 31rd 2014